07 February 2015

February 2015 Edition of The Tweed Ride Report


 February Edition 2015 - THE TWEED RIDE REPORT exclusively on RidingPretty's Blog

Nottingham Classic Ride - "Coffee Roaster Ride" -  Feb 7
(Nottingham, UK)

Vintage Carnivale Francacvilla al Mare, IT - Feb 8

Tweed Ride Savannah, GA - Feb 14

Tweed Run Helsinki, FI - Feb 15

Bici Picnic San Valentin - Feb 15

Tweed Ride Jakarta - Feb 15

Tweed Ride (Royal) Hawaii - Feb 21

Tweed Ride St. Petersburg, FL - Feb 28

Tweed Ride Los Angeles - Mar 1

Tweed Ride Walla Walla, WA - ? TBA

Tweed Ride Louisville, KY - Mar 14

Tweed Ride Manchester, UK  - Apr 5

Tweed Ride Newport Pagnell, UK - Apr 6

Velo Vintage Rides, Exeter-Devon, UK
Apr 11 - Jun 13 - Sep 26 - Dec 5

Tweed Ride Traverse City, MN - Apr 25

Vienna Tweed Ride (Get YourTweedTunes) - Apr 26

Tweed Ride Oldenburg, DE - May 3

Tweed Ride Windsor, ON  May 9

Vienna Tweed Ride Picnic - Jun 7

Eroica Britannia, UK - Jun 19 to 21

Tweed Ride Malmö - Sept 7 

February is the time of year many of 2015’s rides get scheduled; announcements are made and plenty of chatter and buzz circulates through all the social media channels. For comparison sake you can see what rides were being announced during this month last year – take a look here.

This month is also when the London Tweed Run ramps up with major excitement and expectations for this year’s event.  A word to the wise, it’s sold out by now, usually within hours of the ticket release date on Jan. 30th.  Every year it’s the same (sold -out) story - The 500 or so lucky ones who secured tickets and then those who despite valiant efforts couldn’t log in to the site’s ticket sales fast enough to purchase tickets, thus generating a fair share of complaints, frustration and disappointment. Well there is always next year. 

It seems like just yesterday when I first discovered the London Tweed Run and blogged about it here. I immediately knew this was the portent of wonderful things to come. Little could I guess just how far and wide a span across the globe it would spread. 

The London Tweed Run is now one of those bucket list kinds of things that many people tell themselves they just have to experience. Short of attending the London Tweed Run itself -- there are now just so many good alternatives. Without playing favorites here, there are any number of Tweed Rides I might choose over the London Tweed Run itself. By not knowing how to game the site’s ticket sales fast enough or how to appeal to the organizers themselves to ensure I was among the 500 to secure a ticket, I will have to find another bucket list Tweed Ride to attend. As I said earlier there are several Tweed Rides I spend wistful time daydreaming about the possibilities of attending. 

One event I miss daydreaming about and which I thought seemed wildly idyllic was Velo-Vintage Anjou. I just rechecked the site and it appears a new rendition of the event is on offer:  “The 2015 edition of Anjou Vélo Vintage is scheduled on Saturday 13 and Sunday, June 14 , 2015. The event will be co-hosted by the city of Saumur, Saumur- Agglo and other local partners”. I will need to investigate a little further as the site is not too helpful and seems bare bones at this point. The FaceBook page for the event is far more informative. It would be wonderful to see this ride resurrect itself. As soon as I determine what is going on I will be thrilled to list it in The Tweed Ride Report. 

Speaking of classic rides similar to the type of ride Velo-Vintage Anjou is, there is a brand new ride this year; Eroica-Britannia-2015! It is along the lines of L’ Eroica, the Italia vintage bike race, see here. Eroica seems to have branded itself. There are now Eroica Ride partnering events all over the place; California, Primavera, Japan, and Hispana. I will happily be listing them soon as well. 

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