03 January 2015

The Tweed Ride Report Calendar 2015

The Tweed Ride Report - 2015
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 2015 Tweed Rides  


Tweed Ride Manchester, UK - Jan 4


Tweed Ride Rio -  Jan 11


Tweed Ride Houston, TX - Jan 17


Tweed Run St. Petersburg, RU - Jan 24


Tweed Ride Hong Kong - Jan 25


Bici Picinic, Madrid SP -  Jan 18
(Monthly Event) 

Classic Cycle Group Ride-Bexhill Wheelers, Bexhill, UK - Jan 27
(Monthly Ride, no poster yet)


The Coffee Roaster Ride, Nottingham,UK - Feb 7


Vintage Carnivale Francacvilla al Mare, IT - Feb 8


Tweed Ride St. Petersburg, FL  - Feb 28

Tweed Ride Los Angeles - Mar 1
(more details to come)


Tweed Ride Manchester, UK - Apr 5


Tweed Ride Newport Pagnell, UK - Apr 6


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