16 February 2014

February Edition of The Tweed Ride Report 2014


February Edition of The Tweed Ride Report 2014

Tweed Run (Maßabend), Oldenburg DE - Feb 13  

Tweed Ride Savannah, GA - Feb 15

Tweed Ride Rio, BR - Feb 16 

Tweed Ride Walla Walla, WA - Feb 16 

Tweed Run Helsinki, FI - Feb 22

Tweed Ride (Royal) Hawaii - Feb 22 

Tweed Ride Catania, IT - Feb 28

Tweed Ride Little Rock, AR - Mar 1 

Bard on a Bike Liverpool, UK (The Eleventh Liverpolitan) -Mar 2  

Tweed Ride Lexington, KY - Mar 15

Tweed Ride Salisbury, NC - Mar 16 

Nottingham Classic Ride - Nottingham, UK - Mar 16 

Tweed Ride Buffalo, NY - Mar 16 

Tweed Run San Jose, CA   - Apr 5

Tweed Ride Traverse City, MN - April 26

Tweed Run Oldenburg, DE  - May 18

Velo Vintage 5th Occasion & Ride, Exeter-Devon, UK- June 14 

Anjou Vélo Vintage - June 28 & 29  2014

Tweed Ride Vancouver - Sept 14

Tweed Day Berlin, DE - Sept 21

It's the February Edition 2014 - THE TWEED RIDE REPORT presented here on RidingPretty's Blog.

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A new edition usually gets updated and posted approximately mid-month of each month. Check back for new rides as I continue to list them when I get a chance during the month. Usually I update it here and in The Tweed Ride Report Calendar (the master list) before the next month rolls around. Help spread the word with advance notice. It magically helps increase awareness of any upcoming rides. Thanks for supporting this report and thanks for visiting - Hope your next Tweed Ride is superb! Spring is coming with lots of new rides just around the corner... Stay on the look out for a Tweed Ride near you!