07 March 2015

March Edition of The Tweed Ride Report 2015


March Edition 2015 - THE TWEED RIDE REPORT exclusively here on RidingPretty's Blog 


Tweed Ride Los Angeles - Mar 1

Tweed Ride (Bad Ass) Walla Walla, WA - Mar 1

Tweed Ride Fort Worth, TX - Mar 8

Tweed Ride Louisville, KY - Mar 14

Tweed Ride Buffalo (BLRC), NY - Mar 22

Classic Bicycle Club Ride Miguelturra, ES -- Mar 22

Hastings Fish & Chips Ride Bexhill, UK -- Mar 29

Tweed Ride Manchester, UK  - Apr 5

Tweed Ride Newport Pagnell, UK - Apr 6

Velo Vintage Ride 7th Annual- Devon, UK -- Apr 11

Tweed Ride Portland,OR -- Apr 12

Tweed Ride Florence, IT - Apr 19

Elegant Ride Sofia, BG - Apr - 19

Tweed Ride Traverse City, MN - Apr 25

Tweed Ride Traverse City, MN --Apr 25

Vienna Tweed Ride (Get YourTweedTunes) - Apr 26

Tweed Ride Sacramento, CA - Apr 26

CyclinginStyle- Vintage Ride, Leicester, UK - Apr 26

Tweed Ride Oldenburg, DE - May 3

Tweed Ride Windsor, ON  May 9

Tweed Ride Utrecht, NL -- May 10

Tweed and Retro Ride Lewes, UK -- May 30

Vienna Tweed Ride Picnic - Jun 7

Eroica Britannia, UK - Jun 19 to 21

Tweed Ride Malmö - Sept 7

Tweed Retro Ride (Achielle) Pittem, BE -- Sept 13

March goes into full swing as Tweed Rides fill the calendar all the way into the summer months and beyond. Maybe you’ve noticed this, as I have. After doing Tweed Ride coverage for six years -- spring rivals with fall, as being the busiest and best time of year to have a Tweed Ride. Many of the bigger Tweed Rides host both a fall Tweed Ride event as well as a spring event. That has always amazed me. Some communities really like their Tweed! 

2015 is shaping up quite nicely with many wonderful photos and videos having already been posted and shared via social media – across Twitter, Instagram, FaceBook, Youtube, Vimeo, Vine, Flickr and Tumblr. You can now find a new share from someone just about every day of the week. Somewhere in the world there is a ride about to happen or a ride has just happened. “Selfies” rule!

When I first started covering Tweed Rides here on RidingPretty, one of the main thrills I got was posting photos from all the various new events popping up everywhere, (and seemingly all at once I might add).  I would swoon over wonderful photos (at that time shared primarily on Flickr). I would contact the photographer directly asking for permission to repost the photos here on RidingPretty. I would always give proper photo credit believing it was very important to do so. Days would go by sometimes before I received word back from the photographer.  I would be so excited while waiting for permission. Most everyone eventually said yes. 

I loved curating, picking and choosing shots from a Tweed Ride event. I knew I was helping tell a story – and giving it a place to (hopefully) charm itself into the hearts of any RidingPretty readers who chanced upon my blog. This is in part why I so looked forward to the next Tweed Ride -- what beautiful photos might come of it? - those really amazing ones so that I might share them with my readers? Back then not too many people knew about Tweed Rides like they do now. Back then not too many people knew about Tweed Rides like they do now. I set about finding photography that resonated with what I believed shined through in an authentically beguiling way and feel -- that was my goal. I wanted other people to discover and love the photos as much as I did. Honestly, that took some diligent work -- to be sure. One of the first Tweed photos that caught my eye is here. It’s become iconic now. 

These days it’s such a breeze to find all sorts of Tweed Ride photos. There are the professional photographers who shoot the events all the way to the photos created by bunches of ever newly emerging mobile apps that people are now using. It just gets better and better, easier and faster. I still curate my own select collection of Tweed Ride photos but I no longer blog them on RidingPretty. I’m far more apt to share them on my Pinterest these days.

You can see what rides were happening in March 2014 and March 2013.

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