01 May 2009

SF Tweed Ride - Tweed(ers) Ride And Unite!

SF Tweed Ride
(photo source credit: y3rdua)

The SF Tweed Ride happened again for a second time last evening. Check SF Tweed, apparently there is now a whole website devoted to SF Tweed(ers). Also visit SF Tweed on Flickr.

Poor RidingPretty, she did not get to join this SF Tweed ride this time around. Perhaps I'll make it to the Tweed Ride in Chicago and if that fails perhaps I can get to the Tweed Ride in Sydney, Australia!

Tweed(ers) is my silly little pet name for Tweed Wearing Riders...I hope it's perceived as all adoring but without being too, too precious sounding. If you are new to all, then check here to my past posts on all things 'Tweedy'.
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