08 October 2009

Your Fall Bicycle Chic Dressing - Trends, Tips, How-to, DIY Guide...Whew!!

Italia Vogue Fall Bicycle Chic by ridingPretty
(photocredit: Mark Seliger Photosource: Italia Vogue via phantmogria)

Want some DIY- Chic Bicycle Dressing Tips and Fall Fashion Trends you can use NOW, as in your very next Bicycle Ride? To start- I say shop your closet first! What I’m simply suggesting is that you be creative with what you already have. Oh, as an aside the photo above is representative of my dreamy, romantic side. (Please no more comments about how skinny the model is :) Now back to the task at hand which is offering you some tips.

Everybody probably already has most, if not all of the following essentials; gloves, ear-warmers, scarf, socks, boots, arm and leg warmers, tights. These are things you’d be wearing this Fall and Winter anyway- on or off the bicycle. I trust you know all about these. If not we can take these items one by one.

Key Concept: I’ve mentioned this before but here we go again with this sage piece of advise; “Layer, then shed and keep from over heating to stay your freshest!” When it comes to being ultimately comfortable, think in terms of LAYERS. You want to peel off layers and adjust your body temperature ensuring your comfort level easily while riding your bicycle.

Now onto the fashion forecasting part, (this next item you may or may not already have in your closet) … There is a Bicycle Chic Fashion Trend that has been a foot for several seasons now. It’s called a cape. How cape-tastic can it get? Very. If you need a bit more movement capes allow you wiggle room, ease of movement. It will free you from stopping your ride, then jumping off your bicycle to wiggle out of a sweater hiding behind a bush or parked car to do so! Capes are easy to wear as a 'topper' over jackets for instance.

Now to get your DIY juices flowing here's my post about the DIY Reversable Rain Cape. Also look at my all time favorite rain cape. I'll also point you to my Sherlock Holmes cape. I plan on wearing it again this fall along with some fab capes I'll be sharing with with you later on.


My other Faves for Fall

Big emphasis on legs, after all if you've been bicycling for very long your legs probably look awesome. Bright Tights just like last year and textured tights lacey are favorites of mine.

Boyfriend Jacket, You can literally borrow your boyfriends jacket and just roll up the sleeves. Try shopping the thrift store and look in the boys section for a small fitting jacket, or go the opposite direction and pick up an 8o's silk blazer. If you choose a light fabric just remember you can and may want to simply layer a cape over it when it gets coolish enough that you need that extra layer.

Metallics, remember this dress? Something delicious to wear and just because I'm mad for metallics right now.


A Great Pair of Boots


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