05 March 2009

My Sherlock Holmes Look

'Sherlock Holmes' Bicycle Riding Attire

Sharing this photo snapped last Saturday. I wasn't going anywhere in particular, just out for a short ride before the rains soon descended upon us again (like within a hour or so). I was happy my companion was in a pretty jolly mood, so asking him to come along to snap a few pics was no big deal.

The cape I am really fond of. It's vintage, 1940's I think. It was quite long, so I decided to shorten it, which gave me enough fabric to make the matching helmet cover. The helmet cover along with the cape, turned out so 'Sherlock Holmes' looking.

It's definitely time to formally introduce you to my DL-1 Raleigh bicycle. I've posted pictures of her before, but never bothered to tell you her name. Please meet my 'Pretty Britty'.

(As you might guess from the photo, I'm so ready for the the Sherlock Holmes movie with Robert Downing Jr.and directed by Madonna's ex Guy Richie to to come out.)

Paris Fashion Week starts today!