01 September 2009

Metallic Stripes Dress - Vintage Raleigh Bicycle with Wine Basket

(photos by RidingPretty)

Straight away I noticed the Raleigh bicycle with that back wicker basket ideal for transporting two bottles of wine with an extra compartment for food and flowers. I couldn't help but wonder who the rider might be?

Off I went on my next errand. A few minutes later voila!... the rider and I conveniently convened at the intersection. She'd borrowed this 1970's Raleigh bicycle and 'yes, isn't the wicker basket on the back just the best!'... It was filled with (mail?) manila envelopes and other purchases, no wine bottles just yet. AND her dress with it's metallic flecks had the best sparkly effect as she rode through the streets. Her fab green bag in the front basket was so color complimentary to her Raleigh as well. (I just wish my camera had captured the sparkly dress a bit better for your viewing pleasure... sigh ..)

This is number four of the four stylish riders I spotted on (hot) Friday, and all in less than one hour, all downtown Santa Cruz. The temperature was in the 90's.

p.s I've shared the photos of the other stylish riders from (hot) Friday, one each day. This was the last one. Very good day for stylish riders, don't you think!