31 August 2009

Checkered Dress -- Red Diamond Frame Bicycle

(photos by RidingPretty)

(photos by RidingPretty)

She rides a diamond frame bike in a dress ( really cute checkered dress BTW) with no problem! I know some out there wonder if this is an easy thing or not?...meaning how do you get on and off a bike with a top bar while wearing a dress? I see so many girls handle this effortlessly... so it never occurred to me to ponder over this. However for a 1st person report on the art of mounting/dismounting a diamond frame bike visit Lovely Bicycle as she goes into detail about her experience. Also visit Chic Cyclist, the bicycle she rides très chic around Boston is a gorgeous vintage Dawes ( a boys bike geometry or diamond frame.)

This is number three of the four stylish riders I spotted on (hot) Friday, and all in less than one hour, all downtown Santa Cruz. The temperature was in the 90's.

p.s I'll be sharing the photos of the other stylish riders from (hot) Friday, one each day. Now there is one more to go.