30 August 2009

Pencil Skirt Sarong on a Bicycle

(photo by RidingPretty)

The skirt she has on is like a pencil style skirt. It was in a lovely, batikish print, very sarong like. The skirt fell to her ankles but once she was on her bicycle she gracefully maneuvered it so that the back split opened up giving her plenty of room to ride. I completed her on this fete. She said, 'oh this skirt is nothing, you should see the stilettos I wear at night on my bike.'

This is number two of the four stylish riders I spotted on (hot) Friday, and all in less than one hour, all downtown Santa Cruz. The temperature was in the 90's.

p.s I'll be sharing the photos of the other stylish riders from (hot) Friday, one each day. Now there are 2 more to go.