14 May 2009

Bike to Work Day 2009

thrifted Paolo Santini silk jacket, 
ribbed tank & skirt are items I've had forever, H&M leggings, 
wedgie shoes are DIY +  thrifted,
 RidingPretty helmet cover and my vintage DL-1 Raleigh bicycle

Here's what I was wearing today for Bike2Work Day. I admit I did spruce myself up a bit extra today since I knew I'd be encountering/meeting all sorts of people out and about enjoying all the events and fun that Bike2Work day brings with it. This picture is after the morning ride. Hey, I love helmet hair because in my case it flattens down my bangs in a way I actually like.

What a surprise, someone actually turned the tables on me and wanted to take my picture for a change... But wait!! I'm the one always going up to people asking for their photo! Well lets see if the mobile phone picture ever really gets emailed to me. In the meantime I coerced my BF into take this photo of me.

Hope everyone is having a really great Bike To Work Week!!!!!