29 May 2008

Pleasant, Airy, Fresh - Fabric Choices

Some fabrics are better then others when it comes to staying fresh. You don’t want to feel uncomfortable and in need of a change of clothing after a bicycle ride. You can help by making a few adjustments (especially during summer) by choosing clothing based on what type of fabric is in it.

Synthetics and synthetic blends wick moisture away better than cotton. Perhaps experiment to see which synthetics ‘feel’ right on your skin. For summer what comes to mind is light, light diaphanous (sheer) dresses.

Cotton will absorb moisture (sweat) and hold it, not allowing it to evaporate into the air. Cotton does not ‘dry out’ well, so not the best choice. I personally love crisp cotton (fair trade/organic/recycled cotton is ideal.) However with cotton on hot days I want the arm holes cut very generously. I also like cotton voiles for summer.

Believe it or not merino wool is a top choice. Really super light merino wool actually could be a choice for summer as in knickers or a riding cape for coolish evenings.

Eco fabrics like bamboo could work well too. (I have bamboo bath towels I love!) The eco fabric selection is really expanding so you could well be discovering some really unique finds.

An After Thought: Really, you could wear a costume period ball gown but as long as you bicycle at a leisurely pace, aren’t going some long, great distance, then you’ll find you can stay surprisingly and pleasantly fresh.

If getting to work on time is your main concern… then ‘Less is More’ when you bicycle ride. Layer, then shed and keep from over heating to stay your freshest!