12 May 2015

May Edition of The Tweed Ride Report 2015


May Edition 2015 - THE TWEED RIDE REPORT exclusively here on RidingPretty's Blog 

Tweed Ride Chieti, IT - May 2

Tweed Ride Oldenburg, DE - May 3

Tweed Ride Windsor, ON - May 9

Tweed Ride London, ON - May 9

Tweed Ride FedUni Ballarat, AU - May 9

Tweed Ride Northhampton, MA - May 10

Hastings Fish & Chips Ride Bexhill, UK - May 10

Tweed Ride Utrecht, NL - May 10

Tweed Ride Madrid, ES  - May 10

Tweed Ride Portsmouth, NH - May 16

Tweed Ride Bekasi, ID - May 16

Tweed Ride Rutherglen, AU - May 16

Tweed Ride Calgary, AB  - May 18

Tweed Ride Italia, Pescara, IT – May 24

Tweed and Retro Ride Lewes, UK - May 30

Swing & Ride Tallinn, Estonia - May 30

Vintage and Classic Ride Dawlish, UK - May 31

Vienna Tweed Ride Picnic - Jun 7

Velo Vintage Ride,  UK - June 13

Eroica Britannia, UK - Jun 19 to 21

Velo Aggo Retro Ride Laval, FR – Jun 21

Retro GPCC Tweed Ride Valladolid, ES - Jul 19

Seersucker Ride Naperville, Il - July 26

Tweed Ride Malmö - Sept 7

Tweed Retro Ride (Achielle) Pittem, BE - Sept 13

Tweed Ride Stockholm - Sept 19

Tweed Ride Berlin, DE - Sept 20

May Rides are already in full swing this month as I finally get a chance to sit down to write this report. I am playing catch-up and adding new rides. It is with a new goal in mind, to optimize and get it all done in just one go at it -- not only that I’d like to get it all finished within one day’s time. Wish me Luck! Generally I learn of rides one by one and all at various different times. It gets very spread out. I believe I may have missed listing one or two rides from the last few weeks. I did not get them listed immediately -  I wish listing rides here could happen instantly, what a really nice feature that would be!

A record has been broken. It sure seems so. If you are looking for the most complete listing of photographs, videos, and write-ups from the London Tweed Run 2015, then you must thank our Teresa Stokes for her prolific efforts in posting a massive number of posts with links -- all in The Tweed Ride Report Community on FB. I haven’t yet stopped to count up all her posts - she is still busy unearthing more photos and stories as we speak. (There goes another new post from Teresa!) It is just amazing what she has accumulated and shared. Best kept ‘secret’ treasure trove and archive ever. Do check it out. 

Well worth noting and if for any reason you might be experiencing fatigue from one too many London Tweed Run photos. There were beautiful Tweed Rides in the rest of the world that happened last month as well. Charming and delightful events occurred (too many to name them all here) however beautifully captured for all posterity, shared by people in The Tweed Ride Report Community who also love contributing and posting amazing ride photos – though these may not be as prolific in number or sheer volume as London. 

Cheers - See you next month.

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