15 May 2013

May Edition of 2013 Tweed Rides

Seersucker Ride Chico, CA - May 19th

Tweed Ride Calgary - May 20 

Tweed Run Moscow – May 25

Tweed Ride Ruhr, DE – May 26

Tweed Ride East Bay (SFbay), CA – May 26

Tweed Ride Italia (Spring Circus Ride)  - May 26

Tweed Ride Saint-Petersburg RU - Jun 1 & 2

Tweed Ride Pembina Valley Winkler, Manitoba - Jun 1 

Tweed Ride Canberra, AU  – June 10 

Tweed Ride Madrid – Jun 9 

Tweed Ride Manchester (Spokey) - June 12

Tweed Ride Hildesheim, DE - Jun 16

Anjou VĂ©lo Vintage, FR - Jun 22 & 23

Edinburgh (The Harris) Tweed Ride - Jun 23

Seersucker Social (D&Q) Washington DC   - July 7 

Tweed Run Cardiff, UK - Aug 24

Tweed Run Moscow - Sept TBD

Tweed Ride Vancouver – Sept 15

Tweed Ride Malmo, SE  – Sept 7

How to use: Visit THE TWEED RIDE REPORT here on RidingPretty's Blog where you will find the corresponding posters for the rides you see listed above. Everything is listed there with link connections to the ride organizers and the event itself. The list above gives you a simple overview. Access more of the wonderful details: THE TWEED RIDE REPORT.

You are welcome to join The Tweed Ride (Report) Community. You will discover more of the nuanced nitty-gritty, and get an insider member's look at what is happening within our Tweed Ride Community. If you are interested in getting the latest information about additional rides as they come up or other related newsworthy goodies you will find it: The Tweed Ride (Report) Community!

Thanks to everyone for continuing to send in those new rides! Everyone who keeps up with these Tweed Ride Report Editions has come to rely it - so thanks on behalf of the readers too!

Lastly, if your ride didn't get listed in this Edition - let me know and I will be sure to add your ride to the June Edition. It's also a good idea to send in your ride announcements as early as possible so that word of mouth gets to spread far and wide and early on. Cheers!