18 April 2013

April Edition of 2013 Tweed Rides


Beijing Vintage Ride (Tweed Run Inspired) - Apr 20 

Tweed Ride Staunton, GA – Apr 20

Tweed Ride Vienna "Get Your Tweed Tunes"  - Apr 21

Tweed Ride Rotterdam - April 21

Tweed Run Stuttgart - Apr 21

Tweed Ride Traverse City - Apr 27

Tweed Ride Cleveland - Apr 27

Tweed Ride Albany, NY - April 28

Tweed Ride Providence, RI (RISD) –Apr 28

Tweed Run (Baltic) Boltenhagen, DE - Apr 28

Tweed Ride Rio de Janeiro  - May 1

Tweed Ride Garden Party Chicago – May 4th 

Tweed Ride Odense – May 4th

Tweed Ride Boston – May 5th

Vienna Tweed Picnic & Brunch – May 5th

Tweed Ride SLO, CA - May 5th

Tweed Ride Windsor, Ontario- May 11th

Tweed Ride Santiago, Chile - May 12th 

Seersucker Ride Chico, CA - May 19th

Tweed Ride Calgary -- May 20 

Tweed Ride Saint-Petersburg RU - Jun 1 & 2

Tweed Ride Hildesheim, DE - June 16

Anjou VĂ©lo Vintage, FR - Jun 22 & 23

Tweed Run Moscow - Sept TBD

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Thanks everyone letting me know about your rides!