19 October 2012

October November Tweed Rides and Runs 2012

The Tweed Ride Report - Current Calendar of Events - Tweed Ride, Tweed Run

Tweed Run Tokyo - Oct 20

Tweed Ride Rochester NY - Oct 21

Tweed Ride Durango CO - Oct 21

Tweed Ride Burlington VT - Oct 21

Tweed Run Omaha NE - Oct 21

Tweed Ride Moncton, New Brunswick (Canada) - Oct 21

Tweed Ride Indianapolis - Oct 27

Tweed Ride Hudson NY - Oct 28

D&Q Tweed Ride Wash. DC - Nov 4

Tweed Ride Cincinnati - Nov 10

Tweed Ride Des Moines IA - Nov 11

Tweed Ride (Houndstooth) Decatur GA - Nov 11

Tweed Ride Philadelphia - Nov 17

Tweed Ride Italia - Nov 18

You can go to  THE TWEED RIDE REPORT to see the individual invites & posters, updates. There you will find the details and links to the various rides.

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