14 February 2013

February Edition of Spring Tweed Rides 2013

The-Tweed-Ride Report-2013-Calendar-Tweed Ride-Tweed-Run by RidingPretty
February Edition of Spring Tweed Rides 2013

Tweed Run Helsinki -- Feb 24

Tweed Ride St. Pete FL  -- Mar 2 

Tweed Ride Raleigh NC -- Mar 2

Liverpolitan Tweed  Run -- Mar 3

Tweed Ride "La Belle Epoque" Roma -- Mar 24

Tweed Ride Buffalo NY (Buffalo Lazy Randoneer Club) -- Mar 24

Tweed Ride Sacramento -- Apr 6

Tweed Ride Portland OR -- Apr 7

Tweed Run Oldenburg, DE -- Apr 14

Tweed Ride Calgary -- May 21  

New Updates coming for 2013. Watch this post evolve -- over the next few days I will be adding some new Spring Rides and Runs! 

Going forward -- look for a new monthly calendar I will be publishing, each month -- this should keep the data current and fresh for you, so do keep checking back.

You can go to  THE TWEED RIDE REPORT (soon to be updated as well) to see the individual invites & posters, updates. There you will find the details and links to the various rides.

Keep sending me your emails about your Tweed Rides! Thanks for joining The Tweed Ride (Report) Community on FB and letting me know about your ride there as well!
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