26 August 2010

Sage's Bike Trip...Bellingham to Santa Cruz

A few days ago I met Sage.

We talked a bit about her experiences on the road. There is more to her story. I will be writing soon and posting a continuation of Sage's story along with a few more photos.

I also have her phone number - so if there are any questions for Sage let me know. This could become an interactive interview depending on what you want to ask Sage. I for one think she should start a blog and share her travel journal...

As for how this movie came to exist - Well, I got the idea to use my iphone 4G/imovie app and record a tiny bit of our conversation. I'd never used my iphone this way before, never made a video before in my life for that matter! Thankfully I did figure it out. ALL of it, 100% was done on my iphone including uploading it to YouTube.

*See here, here and here for more stories of of ladies traveling the road via bicycle

p.s. Yes, there is a surprising reference to Eat, Pray and Love in Sage's video.