24 June 2009

A Summer Invitation...the Open Road

(photos via mjgradziel)

Almost 65 years ago to the day, 2 girls set off on a bicycle journey which wound its way through the eastern United States and lasted the whole summer long. The girls, Doris Roy and Thelma Popp went on this amazing journey riding a single speed and a two-speed while carrying ALL they needed to camp out with along the way. And their riding attire?... the lovely dresses you see them pictured in!

This is so inspiring for any lovelies out there hesitant to ride a bicycle wearing a dress. Even more so, if one is also questioning the need for a geared up special bicycle to hit the road with, then fear not. What this does beg for is a free spirit, willingness to allow yourself to develop your own strength and stamina (as may very well be required) to take on the challenge of the roads you decide to ride. Oh, that and the patience to take it slowly.

This has helped to bolster up my courage to seek out my own leisurely paced bicycle tour, self directed and sweetly nostalgic in light of just what is possible. Thanks Doris and Thelma for the inspiration!

Read More..."Lure of the Open Road "... It's a wonderful summer read, not a book exactly nor an instant read but a piece you will want to take your time with. I'm still reading it and enjoying it immensely.