30 August 2010

Sage and her Bicycle Trip- Part II

Sage’s first destination via bicycle was...

Sage Bicycle photo by ridingpretty

Sage on Trek Bicycle photo by ridingpretty

( a little close up detail of her DIY bicycle handlebar bag...)

Sage Bicycle Handlebar bag photo by ridingpretty

just outside of Salem OR - it was to attend a Primitive Skills Workshop - she was there a week. I didn't think to ask Sage just what a Primitive Skills Workshop might entail, though I had an idea. How brilliant I thought. That could certainly come in handy for a bike road trip.

From the photos (and the previous video) you can see how Sage outfitted her bike. I didn't go into detail asking about what she packed. Maybe some day Sage will write or blog about her stories. To that end she did say she kept a journal.

In her journal she said she periodically chronicled stuff- mundane stuff like directions, maps plus jotted down miscellaneous notes - and then her more personal musings and drawings too.

Some people she met along the way she said, would ask incredulously if she were traveling solo - even accused her of being too young and openly wondered if she were a runaway. All and all most people were encouraging though and she smiled.

I asked about her plans while she is in Santa Cruz. She said she loves bicycles and would love to work as a bike mechanic. It's a skill she's honed in on I imagine. Very useful for a long solo bike trip of 1000 miles.