06 January 2010

View of my World - Bicycle Path

 by ridingpretty
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Where I've chosen to live is highly walkable and ride-able. So many times I opt to walk instead of riding my bicycle - it all depends...

by ridingpretty

Everyday this is the view I see from my writing desk window. It overlooks a bicycle path. I see bicyclists (along with walkers) on the path all day long - first thing in the morning - last thing at night.

I marked up the top photo. If you click on it you can see it tremendously enlarged. The first bridge takes me in the direction to my favorite coffee house Caffe Pergolesi that I've mentioned before.

The second bridge takes me to the heart of downtown. It literally drops me off at TJ's plus caty corner is my favorite thrift store. Of course downtown (with lots of links/posts to look at) has my favorite movie theaters, all kinds of shopping and cafes & restaurants galore.

The third bridge (which you cannot see in the photo) takes me to the Post Office and other favorite thrift stores, bookstores, the library and more favorite cafes.

The fourth bridge (which you also cannot see in the photo) takes me to a area where I can go shopping at several major retailers.

Now go back to the starting point if go I along the path I end up at the Santa Cruz Boardwalk/Beach. Look across other San Lorenzo river and you see another path going along the river as well!

When I look out my window I see a bicycle path! How good is that! Fortunately looking out my window also gives me a heads up on how to dress for the day. Ah, I dream about getting a big high powered camera & lens so I can zoom in on the bicyclists on the path. Now wouldn't that be fun...