13 October 2009

Grocery Shopping by Bicycle - HOT Orange Reflective Bike Vest - Nice Panniers !

grocery shopping by bicycle via ridingpretty
(photo by RidingPretty)

Just a few days ago I couldn't help but stop in my tracks! Wow! That HOT orange bike vest is worn to the best effect...you see, I am altogether NOT a huge fan of bike reflective vests but the way she wears it!! That muster colored sweater dress, the biker jacket and boots, and that little shoulder bag!

I caught her just as she was going in to grocery shop at our downtown TJs. Check out her big panniers. She was up for a LOT of shopping.

A little secret. The bike rack both in front and at the back entrance is always busy with 'bicycle grocery shoppers'. You could set up there with a camera and shoot to your hearts content. I love my community ♥