14 October 2009

Bicycle Meme

Bicycle ideas bounce. No sooner is something posted (so kindly authored by someone, anyone) it's then 'suddenly' amplified elsewhere, a variation, a fresh re-treatment now being borne and having a second life all it's own! It's the nature of the interwebs 2.0.

I sincerely believe there is a bicycle meme afoot. It's also why I know the world is going in a direction I like, one I genuinely dream and envision. In honor of this, I share with you the following.

**note: For those with a slower internet connection suffice it to say Jim Jarmusch rides his bicycle round and round inside a Brooklyn loft in reference to his iconic quote ... which BTW has helped me through more than one crisis whilst I the mull the aspects of 'original content' and thus being so very apropos to the bicycle meme which I hope spreads far and wide!

Episode 3 with Jim Jarmusch in 'Bored to Death.'

Jim Jarmusch quote:
nothing is original Jim Jarmusch bicycle meme via ridingpretty

Thanks to Stylocycle I was alerted to an excellent write up and better yet a video; 'David Byrne: Live On two Wheels' in the NYTimes.