15 October 2009

Charlie's Girl - London Missy on a Bicycle

Charlies Girl- London Girl on  Bicycle posted at ridingpretty
(photocredit: Charlie)

Last summer Charlie took an extended vacation in Europe. He casually left a me comment last spring. He'd promise to send in photos of chic cyclists. I held him to it. Voila his favorite shot.

Charlie also had this say about it all;

"It is SO hard to get pictures of the chic riding - so please don't let your fear get in the way of asking for a picture if the opportunity strikes. I did manage to get ONE."
Solid advice Charlie!!

Though Charlie is an avid cyclist he actually rarely writes about cycling except when he goes on a bike tour - Charlie's Blog Link

For any other aspiring photogs out there who just love getting photos of dashing - inspiring! riders out on the streets, your precious TIPS and your photos are welcome here!

It's Blog Action Day!