16 October 2009

RE: loving the blog!


Thanks for writing, and sorry for my delay in responding to you, it’s been a busy week for me. You sound so very interesting, and so much your own person to take up riding a cruiser bicycle when no one else is like you at all!

And YES, I would love to see your photos and would love to post them! I very much think that customizing your cruiser into something you love is so worthwhile and you will learn so much by doing it!

XXXX is a place I’ve always wanted visit! Perhaps you could start your own blog? You could share your experiences of what it is like to ride a bicycle where you live!

When I started my blog there were so very few doing so…now more and more join every month! Like I said I would love to see and hear so much more about XXXX. Truthfully you may find you may even become a local bike hero. So many girls who started their own bike blogs, blogging about their adventures and bicycle related topics ended up getting known in their hometowns. They did this by inspiring other girls to ride bicycles. They also made lots of new friends because of their blogs.

And in your own words; “I needed to express myself with someone who felt the same way about bicycles and fashion!” This in essence is why I started my blog… and to hear you say this makes everything I do feel worthwhile. Thank you.

Good Luck in all your Bicycle Adventures!