08 September 2009

Book Oh,Yeah! ...Review Soon - David Byrne --- "Bicycle Diaries"

(my poppy summer dress and reading "Bicycle Diaries" by David Byrne)

(Reading "Bicycle Diaries" by David Bryne at Caffe Pergolesi)

Here sits an advance copy of David Byrne's book "Bicycle Diaries" as seen here gracing my table at Caffe Pergolesi (more on Caffe Perg later)... As you might have guessed I'm reading it now and have been been reading it all during my week's vacation. I'll be sharing soon. I'm actually kinda excited to hurry up and finish so I can tell you my thoughts and impressions. Should be fun!

By the way my vacation was fantastic and exactly the break I so, so needed. Which explains why I didn't post your comments or answer any emails until my return... you know how it is....Good to be back!