11 June 2008

2 Mile Pledge –‘Slow Ride’ (RidingPretty!) Social Bicycle Riding Club for Ladies

With gas prices headed towards $5.00 (and up?!) there has to be a way to cut down on car trips and have a little fun doing it.

I purpose a start by taking the 2 mile pledge. If your destination is within 2 miles or under, simply stated ... bicycle there.

Second part is to form your own ‘Slow Ride’ (or RidingPretty!) Social Riding Clubs. So the next time you want to lunch or shop with your girlfriends, organize a bicycle ride to build a little camaraderie and support into the experience of riding bicycles ... to get to the places you want to go.

This is totally going to be unlike any bicycle riding events/tours you may have done or considered doing in the past. No lycra required, no racer/track bike, mountain bike required. Just you (stylishly dressed as ever), your girlfriends and a bicycle you like.

Of course if you’re going to shop and want to carry all your treasures home plus easily get on and off your bicycle there are some considerations to make. Nothing does it as well…like a good old vintage bicycle for cheap, a euro-style bicycle, or a cruiser to make a girl feel well, charmingly girlish and incredibly chic.

* I’ve previously blogged about Slow Rides and my interest in the Slow Movement.