25 April 2008

Bicycle Chic & Tough Times… Bicycles for CHEAP

I’ve shopped the bike swaps, craigslist to score when my prior bicycle(s) where stolen and coincidently I was super low on funds and couldn’t afford to replace my high ticket bicycle right away.

Perhaps this following scenario has been your experience too. You’re new to bicycling, you walk into your local bicycle shop, get your heart set on a beauty only to discover you have to go into a payment plan to possess her. So while you’re waiting to afford your heart’s desire, or waiting for a delivery from Europe and delivery is x amount of weeks…what to do? Invest into a rusty true love. My rusty true love is a 40’s Japanese Jet Wind I got for $25.00 (craigslist). Just a beautiful backup bicycle for me.

Any women out there who would love to bicycle but suffer zero extra cash problems? Are you a potential chic bicyclist on foot and bussing it (or worse yet, still driving short distances like to the corner store)? Don’t want to buy a used bicycle? No matter how cheap…because you’re thinking bicycle repairs can cost a lot and you just don’t want the headache. Two ways to get help…check for a bicycle program that offers / donates free bicycles. Second option; repair services like Bike Station and Street Level Cycles. Both will teach you how to do your own repairs! Check your own city and see if these type programs are offered where you live. (Let me know and I will list the programs in your city).