22 May 2008

Euro-Style Bicycles & Saving the Environment

I couldn’t help but notice a synchronistic, spontaneous happening.

Here in the USA there are 2 blogs and 2 website style blogs, where everyone has recently purchased......

Euro-style bicycles. They will be sharing their new bicycling adventures with you!

3 of the 4 plan on making a commitment or pledge if you will, to (daily) ride their bicycles and rid themselves of car dependency.

Chicago: Hank & Me recently bought Orange OMA

Sacramento: EcoVelo recently bought Pashley Sovereigns; Princess & Roadster

Brooklyn: Drunk and in Charge recently bought Velorbis Churchill Classic

Wash.DC: Confessions of a Dilettante recently bought The Electra Amstedam Classic in White

What Do You Think? Are you planning on selecting a nice Euro-style Bicycle for your next ride?