19 December 2013

December Edition of The Tweed Ride Report 2013

December Edition of The Tweed Ride Report 2013

See you in the next year with 2014 editions of The Tweed Ride Report. There are so many new rides to look forward to. It slows down in the winter months and this month's Tweed Ride Report reflects that. For now let's all enjoy the wonderful Holiday Cheer and Spirit!

So far the first Ride for 2014 (that I know of) is: 

Tweed Run Helsinki - February 22 

Wishing you and yours the best ~ from RidingPretty.


Please let me know of any new rides and I will be sure to add your ride to the 2014 Editions.  Mid-month of each month is when the new edition usually gets updated and posted so please keep that in mind.  Reminder: the more advance notice you can give about any upcoming rides seems to work wonders in getting the word to spread out there in the world. Sometimes it’s the just enough time to attract a helping hand or two with organizing the ride, perhaps attracting sponsors, get more good press and all that sort of thing.

THE TWEED RIDE REPORT - Please visit: There you can get in touch with the ride organizers plus visit their ride and event sites by using the links provided.