14 November 2013

November Edition of The Tweed Ride Report 2013

November Edition of The Tweed Ride Report 2013

Tweed Rally Toronto, ON – Nov 16

Tweed Ride Cincinnati, OH  – Nov 16

Tweed Ride Columbus, OH - Nov 16

Tweed Ride Atlanta, GA - Nov 16

Tweed Ride Chico, CA  - Nov 24

Tweed Ride Brooklyn, NY - Nov 24 

Tweed Ride Richmond, VA - Nov 24 

Tweed Run Toowoomba, AU - Nov 30 

VeloVintage Christmas Occasion & Ride, Exmouth, UK  - Dec 7 

Tweed Ride Dallas, TX - Dec 8 

Tweed Ride San Diego, CA - Dec 15 

Tweed Run Liverpool,UK (10th Liverpolitan:Hooton Tootin'!') - Dec 15

Tweed Ride San Antonio, TX  - Dec 16 

Tweed Ride Madrid (photo award ceremony) - Dec 18


2014 Rides

Anjou VĂ©lo Vintage - June 28 & 29  2014

November Edition 2013 - THE TWEED RIDE REPORT presented by RidingPretty's Blog.

All the various rides listed above have the corresponding, original posters with more complete details about these rides – to find those details please visit: THE TWEED RIDE REPORT. There you can get in touch with the ride organizers plus visit their ride and event sites by using the links provided. The list above is to give you a bigger, overall picture of current rides as well as upcoming rides in the following months. 

The Tweed Ride (Report) Community - If you’d like to get the most updated information concerning any other rides as they come up, or other pertinent news and such then please go visit. 

Our community - The Tweed Ride (Report) Community offers you the opportunity to keep yourself informed about all the various upcoming rides and news within our community. We do our best to support our rides in our community.  When you join us as a member you are welcome to add your voice (Tweed Rides and Vintage related) with what is meaningful to add in. Thanks to everyone for continuing to send in new rides! Thanks for keeping up with and visiting the Tweed Ride Report Editions each month.

Please let me know of any new rides and I will be sure to add your ride to the December Edition.  Mid-month of each month is when the new edition usually gets updated and posted so please keep that in mind.  Reminder: the more advance notice you can give about any upcoming rides seems to get better results. Maybe attract sponsors, get more good press, let more people find out about it - possibly even go viral just by getting advance word out!