31 March 2012

Picnic Blankets & Folding Bicycle - 60's Vintage Sweetheart

 Picnic Blanket Cute Folding Bicycle by RidingPretty

I love going on a picnic by bicycle. I can hardly think of a better way to enjoy a meal, than by stylishly dining alfresco! I keep myself prepared with a picnic blanket to take with me anywhere outdoors. One of my very favorite picnic outings was one in late September one year.

As you can see I have quite a collection of these -- spreads, picnic cloths, rugs. Some are made of pure virgin Scottish wool, while others are of cotton, with a few blended fabrics types. Most all of them are vintage (with 1940’s 1960’s being the most common age). I started with one and then every time I came across another one…well you see the result of my collecting!

Transportation wise I have various ways of bringing one along with me. Mainly, I roll it up and use nice belts as straps to hold it in place, then secure it onto my back carrying rack. Sometimes I fold one neatly into a picnic basket, if there is enough room inside. I usually have the hamper loaded up it with all the picnicking supplies needed for the day’s repast - my front wine crate helps to carry any of the extras.

Looking for the perfect place to spread out a picnic and arrange the perfect napping spot is a pretty spontaneous affair. Half the time I am out and about it’s more about curling up with a book under a gracious tree and sipping the refreshments I happened to have purchased only moments ago. Be prepared I say, when ever a romantic notion over takes you and nothing will do, but to daydream away out in nature. After all you have your blanket.

 Picnic Blanket Raleigh Twenty Bicycle by RidingPretty
(as shared on instagram)

If you are wondering about the bicycle in this photo -- It is my vintage Raleigh Twenty. It is so small and cute and it folds - yet I never do usually. I find it is a great choice for small living spaces. It can fit in most unobtrusively -- well what I mean is that it has very good room d├ęcor value! Here are more examples of what I am speaking of here.

Unfolded I can fit it into the back seat of medium sized car. I do that sometimes when I want to go somewhere that is too far away to cycle to in any reasonable fashion of time. That is when it’s ideal. I like having my foldie with me to ride around on when I reach my long distance travel destination. It’s an adorable way to get around in some quaint little village, resort type of town. You get nothing but smiles from the locals. It is also a magical way to do some remote backwoods country roads kinds of exploration. I wish and imagine myself with more of the time and opportunity to do lots more of this back roads exploration whenever I get the chance! I’m a romantic when it comes to idyllic, dreamy, countryside roads tucked far away from the maddening (car) crowd.

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