21 March 2012

pinterest - Bicycle Blogger

Perhaps you’ve noticed that little red pinterest button included now under all my recent posts of late. And just WHY, you may well want to ask?...

 RidingPretty Pinterest Boards

Above are pinterest boards I have worked out as a way to organize myself in more ways than one.The range of bicycle blog topics I have here on RidingPretty have grown to the point I can’t find where I’ve put some of my old blog posts! Street style photos, cycle chic related topics, vintage bicycles and many more are now getting visually cataloged on my pinterest.

I’m more of a visual person so I have really enjoyed creating boards into these eye candy categories.

In the past I use to save all my finds with the thought that some day I would use them in a post of some sort or another. No more. Instead I’m pinning a lot of the stuff I’ve found randomly from across the web. I may pin whatever comes into my email box too -- if I find something too interesting to ignore but not entirely something I am eager to write a post about in the exact moment--I just pin it instead.

Here’s to getting organized! Happy pinning! You can find me on pinterest right here.

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