01 December 2011

My Felix the Cat T-Shirt, 80's Nostaglia, Riding Fixed

I need my Felix the Cat and his Magic Bag of Tricks...

Felix the Cat Bamboo Bicycle Instagram RidingPretty

Felix the Cat Bamboo Bicycle   RidingPretty

Early, early this morning I made my way to the big empty parking lot to get in some practice riding fixed (yes, despite today's wild howling winds and the resultant annoying allergy attacks!) --Usually the parking lot is a filled to the max with summer tourist cars. Now it's my own private practice track. Thankfully.

I don't know why I am so keen on learning to ride fixed. Maybe one day I will get good enough to actually ride in the streets. Oddly this T-shirt gives me a silly confidence boost AND it reminds me to make time for fun.

Felix the Cat and his magic bag of tricks T-shirt by  RidingPretty

80s Felix the Cat T-shirt -- vintage (more 80's iconic nerd shirts)
Acid Washed skinny jeans -- no label

Italian Linen Jacket -- G. Marciano?
Aviator Sunglasses -- vintage
70s crepe soled shoes -- thrifted
DIY iPhone case -- thrifted
Bamboo Bicycle
Helmet (not pictured - it is this one I wore today)
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