17 November 2011


My blog sponsor ShopThrifted has good news...

ShopThrifted a shop on etsy by RidingPretty
In case you didn’t know this, ShopThrifted is my vintage shop on esty.

ShopThrifted is offering a 20% off coupon--Hurray! To all of you who have been asking when or if I’d ever offer a coupon, well here it is!

The expired code is: RIDINGPRETTY20
Look for a new coupon coming in February!

Going forward you will be able to find whatever the current coupon code is by re-visiting this exact post. As well all my newest posts, the ones themed around “my bicycle, my outfit”-- all of those will have a link back to this exact post too. When I change the coupon code or offer, this is where you will find it updated.

Simple. Right! Look for the ShopThrifted coupon link (starting with Thanksgiving) in the “my bicycle, my outfit” post, which I do just about every week now. The link will be there under the outfit items list, at the end. I post three times a week, so finding that week’s "my bicycle, my outfit” post should be easy.

p.s. If you're wondering how to redeem a coupon here's the How-To