07 October 2010

Autumn Bicycle & Tweed Inspiration


Once in awhile perfection comes along and to my mind this is it. I think you will find plenty of wonderful new inspiration (besides this inspiration) for your next Tweed Ride!

Those bicycles! Yes, this is such charming little video by Charlie Winston /featuring Audrey Tauto. It is so chocked full with vintage style. Ah, so many things to dream of finding;

- Fitted trousers & boxy jacket that Andrey is wearing, her shoes worn with those socks..
- The jaunty Tweedy vest Charlie is wearing, his trousers..
- The bicycle randonneur details--the panniers, front porteur style bag, picnic blankets, canteen..

I invite you to really study and have a look at all of it. Beautiful.

video: Charlie Winston: "I love Your Smile"