01 February 2009

SF Tweed Ride …Tweedy Inspirations - Clothing Sources

Tweed Ride Fashion Inspirations shared by RidingPretty

I like this photo from last fall, the Oct. issue of Marie Claire. Hoping to give you a little fashion inspiration especially if you're wanting to join a Tweed Run, like the San Francisco Thursday Tweed Ride on Feb. 12th.
So I've revealed some of my favorites San Francisco designers... listed below. More than likely the time required to have something whipped up specifically for the SF Tweed Ride is not possible...but you never know.

Tweed Run Fashion Style curated by RidingPretty

Al's Attire. The place to go to get a custom coat, handmade and one-of-a-kind. Wonderful selection of premium woolens, tweeds included. You can spend a good hour pouring over fabric swatches.

Ladies Tweed Fashions curated by RidingPretty

Theresa LaQuey Couture. Theresa is a pattern designer for Simplicity’s retro line. She custom sketches and creates designs for her clients with a keen eye for quality reproduction garments. She is a well known fixture in San Francisco/Bay Area and within Art Deco historical societies nationwide. She wears a lot of tweed.

Tweed Ride what to wear curated by RidingPretty

For an emphatically less traditional look, check out: Five and Diamond, a collective of designers. Surely you'll find what embodies the spirit of SF and Burning Man style via Valencia Street. Find some sailor style knickers or a Steam Punk Pin Stripe Suit look.


Note: If you have to consider your budget, yes question the rationality of the $ spent on some of these wonderful designer's clothing -- say perhaps you can’t (you know) afford it … however in other words the prices are normal for exquisitely made finery. Bespoke.

Otherwise thrifting is always a good option. I’ve been extremely lucky in that way!