03 February 2009

Frocks On Bikes ! - New Zealand

frocks on bikes

"Do you rock the frock? Do you participate in frock o'clock? Are you forever sashed with your combination lock? Have you abundant chain lube on stock? ….

Introducing Frocks on Bikes – a frockalicious way to avoid the climate changing. Lets frock the planet!"

Wonderfully fun ladies bicycling group I discovered via member megarillo's Flickr photostream. Go visit their website, it's where I found these upcoming events. I hope more of these type social bicycle riding groups pop elsewhere in the world...


Fri 20th Feb- FROCKS ON BIKES @ Cuba Carnival
“Some Like it Hot” – Street Ride ALL WELCOME: Fri 20th Feb, meet 6:30 @ Queens Wharf.

18 Feb - Go by Bike Breakfast
Flock in your frock to the Go By Bike Breakfast, Te Whero Island, Viaduct Harbour..