04 February 2009

SanFrancisco's Melissa and Josephine the Bicycle


Meet Melissa via birds.eye.view. I must say, I just loved the whimsical beauty of this photo. What also struck me was this funny little prose about 'Josephine'...Melissa's beloved bicycle;

"She’s a heavy old bike with three measely little gears. All the fixie riders in my neighborhood turn their nose up at her with her little cruiser build, but she’s one of my favorite things in the whole world, and it’s about time I take her out for a little fresh air."

Melissa gave me this little back story on how 'Jospehine' came to be in her life. Her husband found the bicycle at a flea market... Two girls were seriously eyeing the bike and just waiting for the moment to pounce. Afraid to take his hands off for even a second, 'Josephine' came home. A birthday present for Melissa!

More fun yet is this video of Melissa and Josephine out for a ride:

note if the video is not showing up for any reason, follow this link to "Riding my Bike Josephine"