05 February 2009

Stormy Weather at Last

Stormy weather to the rescue today...

and I couldn't be happier about it. I dread the drought, too many sunny days this year in California. So maybe my little feverish rain dance has helped. At least I'd like to think so.

this look of mine is now on LookBook.nu

amended; I will be regularly posting looks here and correspondingly on Lookbook which will give you an item by item break down of what each item is, where it was purchased and how much was paid for it. I do a lot of thrifting, so you'll be amazed at how stylish you can look without spending a lot. I also will gladly include couture if any couture houses would like to send me stylish bicycle attire...uhh... ha-ha. That's a joke everyone. Anyway it will be mix of high and low.
This is (amoung other bike advocacy topics) a bicycle style/chic blog... so DEF time for an infusion of a lot more chic to inspire, inspire and did I say INSPIRE. I plan on having fun with this!