01 February 2010

Longevity and The Bicycle

Jeanne Louise Calment rode a bicycle until she was age 100. She went on to live to be 122. This makes her very rare, one of the longest lived persons ever. She was neither athletic nor an obsessed bicyclist...riding a bicycle was merely habitual for her. Riding a bicycle was part of her lifestyle as was walking and these were the means by which she got herself around her town, her community. Her community? - She lived for a time in Paris as well in Arles where she was born.

Truth be known...she did smoke ciggies to the age 117, I can forgive her that. She is still an inspiration. I can just imagine her on her bicycle...yes, perhaps doing her market shopping trips to the center of her village.

elder lady on bicycle shared by ridingpretty
(photographer/credit: unknown- this is not a photo of Jeanne)

I find myself happier knowing that a huge portion of what I need to accomplish and where I need to go within a day can all be done via walking and/or riding my bicycle. It's come down to a matter of proximity and localization. Beautiful bicycle paths with an ocean view help make my ride a dream come true.

I want to emulate Jeanne - To the good life, the simpler lifestyle! To riding a bicycle to age 100!