27 February 2009

Where I Live, Sunny Ride, Cork Handlebar Grips

(Adrienne Vittadini coat, RidingPretty bicycle helmet cover, thrifted-then reconstucted peg leg pants, thrifted shoes, Forvever 21 sunglasses, vintage 1970's Motobecane bicycle)

This is where I live, and this particular spot is just a few short blocks from my front door. Gratefully the sunlight was just gorgeous yesterday when this pic was snapped. My boyfriend who takes these pics is loosing patience with me. He doesn't understand why I want to get my outfits photographed so regularly now. Sigh..

This is my 1970's Motobecane. I promise to devote a whole blog post on 'Belle' sometime soon. I did just add cork handlebar grips and the basket. The basket is thrifted, but it's really nice because the underlying structure is wire. So it's like a wire basket that's been wrapped in a rattan. When I shellacked my (bare, untreated) cork handlebar grips I had enough shellac to do the basket at the same time.

I'd love to add bamboo fenders and shellac them in the same matching amber shellac color, but it seems sort of overkill at $150.00+ for the fenders when my bike was purchased for only $10.00.
I also don't want to make my bicycle so pretty and styled out that she becomes a big theft magnet either. Still... I do need fenders, so I will probably settle for some recycled ones. I'll just dream about the bamboo fenders for now.