06 November 2009

URGENT TO ALL TWEEDERS: Tweed Rides Across the USA - Open Invitation to ABC - CBS - NBC - CNN - PBS

Sacramento Tweed Ride November 6th

Cincinnati Tweed Ride November 7th

Philadelphia Tweed Ride November 7th

Chicago Tweed Ride November 7th

Washington D.C. Tweed Ride November 15th

LA Tweed Ride November 21st

I wholeheartedly believe *Tweeders could well be the best harbingers, and the best stylish bicycle lifestyle 'brand' ambassadors charmingly championing all that is going well in the USA, bicycle world that is.

Okay all you big Media savvy journalists looking for your next scoop, look no further. Tweeder mania is spreading across the USA! Remember you got it here first!


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*Update: Tweeder(s) is now coined and in the Urban Dictionary