09 November 2009

Dolls on Bicycles - Lose The Limo

 Dolls on Bikes shared by ridingpretty
(photocredit: NYTimes)

Celebs on a Bike Alert!!! Dolls are Riding Bikes. You can forget the Limo!

Marketers, Product Developers, Ad Campaign people do their research. It is no mere coincidence that MoxieGirls are riding cool bicycles and dressed in even cooler urban street styles. I want Doll # two & three ...those tights and those ├╝ber hip riding boots. Yes indeed, even though I am definitely not the target market - an eight year old.

What a great cycle chic role model and this time she is a plastic Doll.

Are we looking into a (cultural) mirror for the times we live in? Can it be we are what we see!