10 November 2009

London Cycle Chic Visits San Francisco!

London Cycle Chic...So Lovely!
London Cycle Chic Caz Nicklin photo by ridingpretty
(Caz I don't think I remembered to tell you just how lovely your beautiful red dress looked on you!, so if you reading this now ♥.... Caz is seated at the window table at Tartine )

Caz, of London Cycle Chic was in San Francisco. We met today for the first time, after being long time friends in the cycle chic blogosphere! What to do on this most auspicious of occasions?
Well, l I took her around to some of my favorite places in San Francisco!

I pondered, should it be Delfina or Tartine for lunch... so I let Caz choose ... she was up for Tartine and their luscious pressed sandwiches.

But most fortuitously, it was next door at Delfina that we met Meryl and Lynn....

London Cycle Chic Caz Nicklin photo by ridingpretty
(Meryl and Lynn at Delfina)

Meryl was very fetching in her bright bicycle helmet. The color of the helmet quite set off her outfit. I've never in all my days have seen anyone wear their helmet all the way through lunch AND wear it in such grand style! Of course Caz and I would have to go over and introduce ourselves. Then Meryl and her friend Lynn did the sweetest thing. They each one took one of our cameras and snapped pictures. That is exactly why the following photo exists. Thanks Meryl and Lynn!

London Cycle Chic and RidingPretty photo by ridingpretty
( Caz and Shelly on the street in front of Meryl's and Lynn's bikes halfway between Tartine and Delfina)