17 August 2009

Top Models Still Ride Bicycles -- NYC - Hana on a Vintage Bike

(photo via bloglovin via citzencouture)

This is Hana, a Top fashion Model on her vintage bicycle in NYC. This is a candid shot and not something posed for a fashion shoot. Actual life. Real, everyday clothes the model wears in her normal everyday life.

One of my earliest blog postings and one that continues to be one of my most googled postings was called Super Models Ride Junkers and Clunkers. It featured Agyness Deyn and in a large part it was she who made that posting so vastly popular. When I spotted the original photo via a LondonCycleChic, I picked up on the fact she was riding what looked to be a vintage bicycle and/or dutch style bicycle (or 'lovingly' called by some a 'clunker' when compared to sleek fixie bikes).
Another very early post I did was called Super Models on Bicycles OR ‘Don’t Hate Me ‘Cause I’m Beautiful’. It carried on along in a similiar (but funnier) vein.

I love this photo of Hana and I'm so happy to report the streets of NYC still has Models aplenty on "clunkers".

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As a side note: I couldn't help but notice the lovely vintage Schwinn bicycle Jennine (...fabulous fashion blogger extrodinaire!) of the coveted has recently acquired so she can ride the streets of Chicago in style.