17 August 2009

Thank You TOPSHOP & CHICTOPIA for the Bicycle!

Am I being just too improperly immodest?... WOW, I want to let out that I won! I just can't stand it any longer.

A big package was delivered to my door step last Friday night. It was the TopShop Bicycle from Chictopia & TopShop's Bicycle Club Contest!

Shock!I was stunned! Quite honestly given all the fine cycle chic photo entries, I'd decided not to permit myself any illusions about actually winning. Basically I'd forgotten all about the contest. Well not entirely true... I'd been expecting to read about the bicycle being delivered to some other doorstep(s)... you know to one of the other super chic, sister bicycle bloggers.

A question now pops into my mind; are the other winners just more properly restrained than I am?... or shy or simply less excited? Or are there delivery problems? I fully expect to hear of more winners!

Simply, I'm as pleased as punch ( this despite my upbringing that taught me modesty was a virtue and that people who tooted their own horn were bores). Ha Ha -- on the other hand I was also taught to say Thank You...