25 May 2008

Super Models Ride Clunkers & Junkers

Agyness Fashion Model with Bicycle shared by RidingPretty

Agyness Deyn is English and a super model. I discovered this photo over at London Cycle Chic.

Iekeliene Fashion Model with Bicycle shared by RidingPretty

I know I’ve just recently posted Iekelienes photo but here goes again. She’s a super model (Dutch) and some people thought by ‘Dutch’ I meant the bicycle in the photo not Iekeliene herself.

The point is that these models are very in demand ($$$) and could afford any bicycle they wanted. I appreciate their choice to ride used and/or vintage bicycles (though Iekeliene is obliviously trying to sell hers!)

I wish I could ask them why they ride old ‘clunker/ junkers’, but I have a hunch they just liked them. About a month ago I wrote about the plus side of riding a used bike in ‘Tough Times…How to get a Bike for Cheap!’.

Now whenever time I spot some one who is riding a 'vintage' (a nicer term than clunker/junker) bicycle I will ask them what they're riding.

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