13 August 2009

Farmer's Markets, Foodie Bicycle Tours

Please note the new additions on the sidebar. Both are bicycle tour and food related.

Eat Real Festival & East Bay Bicycle Coalition-- Oakland CA

"Pedal along Oakland's waterfront and meet local culinary artisans, learn their specialties and taste their creations. Join us as we meet local purveyors of sustainable chocolate, tea, beer and wine."

Cycletourist Rallye Over Country Roads North of Boulder Colorado
"GASTRONOMIC FEEDS Created by some of the nation’s most celebrated local chefs, the “feed” stations along the course of L’Eroica Boulder are gastronomic. Energy bars and gels are replaced with vintage refreshments of our ancestral hero’s of the road: aged cheeses, antipasto, craft breads, fruits, traditional hams and Italian wines that freely flow. "

What is the world coming too? Good Food -- combo bicycle social event ride? I am so inspired!

Do you remember this post from last year? I remember being so thrilled to learn such type rides existed. Well it's time again for the Tour d' Organics in Sebastopol, CA and also now in Portland, OR.

This being a food related bicycle post, then I feel it apropos to tell you I'm off to see Julie & Julia sometime this weekend!