12 August 2009

Farmers Market Day...Impressive Market Bicycle!

I love your bike! You have such great style. Let me take a photo or two....

(photo by RidingPretty)

Loaded up with farm fresh goodness from the Farmer's Market.

(photo by RidingPretty)

I admired her carry bike trailer. She said some people in San Luis Obispo make them. What an excellent design, when I get myself a bicycle trailer this is what I want. I will do some research and track down the designers/makers.


Now check out the paint job...

(photo by RidingPretty)

'Look at that paint job' I remarked to her, 'it's so multi- layered'.... It reminded me of a another bicycle I saw last Indian summer.

"Well, I was pregnant when I first got this bike. Now my son is 21."

How Awesome.